First Responses

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Society is a funny thing.

You’re taught that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put your mind to it… But as soon as you do something that is slightly “out of the ordinary” people shun you and make you feel like you are wrong for making certain choices.

So the reality is “You can be whatever you want to be as long as everyone else is being it too”

When I began changing the way I ate, people I work with started saying “Wow, you’re so healthy” “You’re by far the healthiest in the office” and “Look at her, she’s so energetic, I want what she’s on.” At this point, no one knew I had educated myself on what I was putting in my body but they could see the benefits of it less than a week into it.

That very same day I was asked what “diet” I was on. When I explained that I wasn’t on a diet, I had just decided to stop eating meat, fish and dairy their faces dropped… “What do you mean you’re not eating meat? We’re humans, we are made to eat meat” was one person’s reaction. “How are you going to get protein, we need protein and you get protein from meat. Calcium too, you need that from milk” was another. Someone else stumbled over and contributed “You’re muscles wont repair and you’ll get shin splints when you run”

Initially I was frustrated by their responses. I thought they were being deliberately awkward and wanted to defend their diet.

Now – a few weeks afterwards I have had time to think about their comments. I know that they had my best intentions at heart because of what we are taught through school and by our parents. They believe that through becoming Vegan I am going to be harming my body and starving it of the right nutrients.

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