Tips for Vegan Newbies

1 Keep it simple!


You don’t have to be savvy in the kitchen, find yourself a minimum of three basic recipes that you can go back to time and time again without being bored. Experiment in-between, there is going to be some things you make that sound phenomenal but taste like crap. DON’T be disheartened. Just make a go-to dish the next night, and try again another day!

2 Eat up!

Day Off

There will be times when people will say to you “Can’t you just have a day off” as they munch down on a cream cake. If you have eaten enough, then this won’t be a problem, it’s easy to say no when you’re full!

3 Read up!


You will be asked all sorts of questions, the best thing you can do is know your stuff. Try not to get defensive, as this is likely to put people off – you cant change everyone overnight! But do try to have reasonable, educated answers to as many questions as you can. You want them to walk away and think about what you have said. You want to make them inquisitive, so by doing some research you can be ready for anything.

4 Stock up!


Keep your cupboard essentials stocked up. When you have all the staples in the house, you will be able to throw something together without really having to think. It will save you time, and if you are able to buy in bulk, it will save money too!

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