Victoria Sponge (Vegan)

It’s funny how “pre-veganism” I had never entertained the idea of baking without butter or eggs… How can you possibly bake with no dairy products right? Wrong!!

I love cake I have always loved cake and I always will love cake.


I love baking cakes, looking at cakes but most of all eating cakes! I did think that this could be the one thing that I missed when I became Vegan. Yet I was willing to give that up not a problem.

Then my Grandma saved the day!


Sam and I went round for dinner and she was super excited about pudding. Grandma told us she had baked a cake! We really thought it was going to be almost like a cake, but a “wannabe” and nothing like an actual cake.

It was our first experience of a vegan cake and we were absolutely delighted when it tasted just as good as, if not better than a “normal” cake!

We loved it that much I got the recipe from her and gave it a go myself. It was so easy to whip together and the results are amazing.

Don’t be put off baking – there is a whole new world out there to discover!

This is my Vegan Victoria Sponge. See it looks the same doesn’t it!


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