I’ve been staying in Liverpool this week with my Aunty and Uncle for a little get away. I always feel a little awkward when I stay at new peoples houses as I don’t want to feel difficult with my lifestyle choice. It is always unnecessary but it still niggles in the back of my mind right before I arrive.

My Aunty literally couldn’t have been more amazing if she tried! Right from the moment I arrived everything was just “there”.


For lunch we prepared a lovely mixed salad with different types of Humous, mixed bean salad, quinoa crisps, cous cous and pittas.


I forgot to take a photo of dinner but Aunty had found a recipe for “Enchilada Pasta Bake” which had black beans, enchilada spices, non dairy cheese, tomatoes and some other bits in. It looked and smelled amazing but we both agreed that it was just odd. Nonetheless, we tried!

One cereal I used to love “pre veganism” was Granola! But I haven’t had any since as all the ones in my local supermarkets contain Honey (which I have chosen not to eat). However, Aunty had found Lizi’s Granola – which doesn’t contain honey and is totally delicious! So of course, my breakfast each morning has been Soya Yogurt, Granola and a heap of berries (I added more after the picture)


Of course I had to introduce her to my Chilli Non Carne which we had two evenings with Basmati Rice, Tortilla Chips and Salsa!



Toyah x

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