The Old Hardware Shop

During my trip to Liverpool my Auntie and I went into her local town. It was so small so I couldn’t believe it when there was a vegan cafe! Unfortunately it was lunch time so we had to go in!! The menu was to die for – especially if you fancied something naughty!


Since becoming vegan I hadn’t tried any meat alternatives because they are so processed, but when I saw “Bacon and Cheese Toastie” on the menu I just HAD to have it because there was nothing I used to love more as a meat eater!! I was so excited when they served the toastie I think I literally inhaled it, so sorry there’s no picture!

Aunty A chose to have the Mediterranean Platter (with feta) – it looked absolutely scrummy. I did try the falafels and they were super tasty!


Now for pudding – I couldn’t manage to eat cake (poor show!) but I did try this bad boy! I never dreamed you would be able to have anything even slightly like this as a vegan. It just looks so full of dairy!! It was a party in my mouth thats all I can say! I’m not sure there are any words to describe it to be honest! You really do have to taste it to believe me!


I am very glad that there isn’t a cafe like this near me else I think I would be the size of the house. I can promise you I will be back.

Toyah x

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