Love yourself.

It is so hard to remember the last time I came home from work and said to Sam “Wow. I had such a good time” and this was after a Friday night shift! 

Earlier this week I started working at Love Juice, a quaint little vegan juice bar that promotes health and well being. 

I feel so privileged to tell you that I work here. It’s hard to believe it myself, when we first visited Beech Road, we saw this place and just had to go in. They have glass tables with mini dinosaurs in. Yeah. That’s how awesome it is.

The first thing I said to Sam when we left was “I’m going to work there one day” but never believed it would really happen. I almost didn’t take my CV in after I found out they had recently recruited some new staff. But after popping in for a juice, I went back that afternoon to meet the Owner, Steph. After meeting with Steph and her business partner Lou, I started working there two days later. (How exciting!!)

In a nutshell, the cakes are to die for, the juices are made with such enthusiasm and love, the staff make you feel so at home and the feeling you leave with is one words can’t explain. You will have to check it out for yourself. 

Here’s a little preview of what my life now evolves around for both work and pleasure.   On Thursday I spent the same amount of time after work chilling out in the sun outside as I did actually working my shift! 

This was on my day off! Radical Raspberry Juice and Chocolate and Raspberry cake!  

Have a lovely weekend Toyah X

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