Yoga Newbie

Yoga is something that always looks so incredible, elegant and inspiring. The core strength you need to complete to many of the positions is something I envy.

I have attended a couple of classes that were run through my old gym – but I never got to try any of these super bendy poses that you see plastered all over the internet. Until this week! I had downloaded Elle Fit’s “Get Bendy” e-Book and had dropped into conversation with my new landlord I had recently started Yoga. Well I bumped into one of the girls who lives upstairs (and I happen to work with) one night earlier this week.  When we got chatting she told me about the yoga classes she has been going to just round the corner and asked if I wanted to go with her. YES! I totally did.

Well, Thursday night came around and off we tootled down to the yoga class. Baring in mind, when I said before that I had downloaded Elle’s guide – I have only gone through it once – so “started yoga recently” I really meant like last week! So going to this class was super exciting as I thought great I can put these down dogs into practise.

Crikey oh Riley. Did I get put through my paces! We were moved this way, that way, upside down, twisted into poses I didn’t even know my body could do. It was FABULOUS. I came away feeling so good and determined to make this part of my life, not just a phase.

One of the poses that particularly stood out to me as one I can’t wait to absolutely nail is “Bhujapidasana”

Here is my beginners attempt at this pose (please remember I only did this pose for the first time last night – it nowhere near perfect – but how else can you get good)


Anyway, I really want to photograph me at the start of my Yoga journey so I can document my progress. I am going to be practicing from home as I’m not sure I can afford to go every week. But with the videos I have found on YouTube and the “Get Bendy” e-Book, I’m going to see what I can do!

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

Toyah xox

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