Pea ‘n’ Avo’ SMASH!

I love avo. I love peas. Sam knows this & he made me the most glorious lunch this afternoon!

It is very simple to make so i wanted to share it with you so that you can give it a go for yourselves.


1 avocado cubed & mashed slightly

1/2 cup defrosted peas (do this by putting them in some warm water)

1/2 lime juiced

1 clove garlic finely diced



Drizzle Olive Oil

as much bread as you want – we recommend 2 pieces each!


  1. Defrost the peas
  2. Add everything except the onion & avo into the peas and mash em together
  3. Add the avo & mash it slightly
  4. Spoon it onto some toast, sprinkle with the chopped spring onion. We also added some dried crushed chilli & seas seeds.

It was dreamy.



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